Pillars Of Influence


Don’t we all want to be successful and influential?

Well, do you really want to know how to gain success and be influential?

For most people though, wish lists are easy to make. Only few of us are ready to pay the price of success and influence. Of course there is village influence. You get informed when it’s time to share goat meat and stuff. Everyone can afford basic levels of influence in life and business; sell a few products, tell your sibling or daughter to shut up, sit down, be humble.


If you want to influence real social change, help a lot of people, be a big deal for purpose, I assure you, you’ll need way more than nude pictures and clap backs on Twitter!

Influence has a price.


There are 12 pillars of influence but I’ll only share 5 here.


1. The first pillar is LATERAL DEPTH.


Lateral depth means growing influence by being
widely versatile and deeply knowledgeable.

– to be widely versatile is to know everything from the history and origin of a product idea to the export of that product idea. This is deeper than just interest. It’s to understand the entire value chain of that interest or better still product idea.

– to be deeply knowledgeable is to be able to generate original thoughts and solutions for that product idea that are market tested and trusted.


Smart Activity

Right now, write down 3 to 5 interest areas that are potential product ideas.
Dedicate 3 hours of study and research per day to each of them.
In six months, if you’re not making money from any one of them, go for deliverance.


2. The second Pillar is O.O.L COMMUNITIES.


OOL means OUT OF your LEAGUE.

These communities operate above the freebies-ness, hand-me-down mentality you currently subscribe to. These communities are beyond the fellowship of the ones where you currently spend your time in.

OOL communities are online and offline.

They are places where experts and coaches go to learn and share ideas and prospects between themselves. Yes it can be tough to get in but that’s the Price to pay! Pay money, buy their products, like and comments with their content on social media. Send them a gift and appreciate their excellence. Lobby your way into those communities.

Serve them.

And if you get a chance to gate-crash, do not hesitate to scrape your way in. Treat your bruises later.


 A man whose father is a nobody must have no shame
John Obidi


OOL communities are exposed to business leads that convert at a rate you can only dream of. Influential people are ALWAYS thinking in a way that makes them successful. That’s the first thing you’ll learn.

Again, what do you think the masters do when they have a deal they consider too small…they push it down to the boys.

Obviously, you’ll be tempted to ask a foolish question like, “do they have two heads?”


They actually do; hence, OUT OF your LEAGUE.


3. Pillar of Influence number 3 is INTEGRITY AND HUMILITY


Building Integrity is one big price you must pay for influence. When it comes to this, most people talk but have no integrity. Integrity is expensive and those who have it are not popular.

It means you ignore the chance to land a deal or put out a product because the offer is not 100% straight…whether the reward is 10cents or 10billion.

It’s in little things like returning a call and replying an email WHEN YOU SAID YOU WOULD. Unless you’re in a coma.


One SECRET OF THE MEGA RICH is they understand that what you call “a simple Business agreement”
is actually a blood covenant and they treat it as such.

Think about it.

At the higher levels of success, there are people who will hire not because of your competence but because of your integrity.


4. The Fourth Pillar of Influence is EMOTIONAL RESILIENCE.


You’ll need to train yourself to be tough.

People who know you and are even blood related to you will cheat you.

Loved ones may betray you; will you crash and burn?

Or will you pack up your dreams and go into existential exile?

 Let me tell you a little about me.

In 2016, I lost $25,000 in a two part business deal gone wrong.

I was living in Nigeria at the time and this was at the height of the recession when the naira was N500 to the dollar.

Sorrow came in like a wrecking ball and one song finally had new meaning to me. Yes that very song you’re thinking, that’s the one. I was devastated mostly because investors money were part of those funds. Worrying and all the wahala of the investigation, wasn’t the end. Relationships and worth more than that $25,000 were also lost.


But eventually, I began to say to myself..,

“Israel Raphael, you’re a good man; a man of integrity. Loyal partners are attracted to you.
You earned this money, lost it; you’ll make it again and 1000 times more.
Out of these ashes you arise into accelerated wealth and influence.
Your work meets with success in every direction. You cannot fail. You succeed.”


Smart Activity

  • Make a list of 10 things nobody can take from you. Make sure they’re not related to anything money can buy.
    Maybe it’s your smile, your teaching skill, your happiness, your ability to bounce back…
  • Now make a list of 15 things nobody can take from you.
    At this point you’ll notice that the list is starting to look like those things can actually be taken from you.
  • Those are areas where you need to develop confidence and capacity. Because when the going gets tough,
    it’s those things that nobody can take from you that will sustain you.


The 5th pillar of influence: COLLABORATION


To have success means you’ll subscribe to the giving mentality. You’ll need to refer 10 times more of your contemporaries to opportunities and partner with 10x more people than ever before.

Even God does not work alone.

Build communities online through your email lists, pages, groups by offering value – such as helping others in their projects, knowledge sharing, massive engagement of others’ works. See related FREE Mp3 download podcast post on – Contribution and Collaborative Thinking in business.

You must grow a business portfolio offline. Even more aggressively than you do online. Visit prospects, call, mail and text them. Volunteer.

Have you considered building your business influence offline by collaboration from partnering with other experts from at 6 to 10 major industries or niche areas in your country or continent?


Do this not just for projects as but as part of your credo.


So when opportunity comes, you roll up your sleeves and say bring it on!